The company was founded by a group of South African entrepreneurs, who have a significant number of years experience in epoxy ceramic linings.

What We Do

We offer a wide variety of epoxy ceramic resin systems, which will prolong the life of worn products and strengthen new equipment which we locally manufacture for clients through out Africa and abroad.

Our Goal & Mission Statement

Provide quality service and superior products.

| Abrasion & Impact Solutions |

Our Customers

• Coal Mines

• Gold Mines

• Copper Mines

• Platinum Mines

• Uranium Mines

• Power Generating Plants


Enviropox are ambitious and committed to be a leader in wear resistant linings, utilising latest technology, which we offer to our clients in the mining and engineering sectors.

Wear protection solutions to industries that handle, process, abrasive, erosive and corrosive materials.

Taking care of your wear and impact problem areas, think quality, think savings, think affordability.


Epoxy Ceramic Lining of New and Used Pipes

Lining Of Pump Casings

Epoxy Ceramic Lining of Conveyor Pulleys

Epoxy Ceramic lining of Chutes, Hoppers & Launders

Epoxy Ceramic Lining of Storage Tanks

Crusher Backing Material